Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

DSI sketch'n

Im still hitting this ha! so addicting. Getting the hang of it little by little. you can actually blend a bit by switching pencils,
so scratch my last complaint about the blending. this is my last post for today i gotta get some sleep...yeah right i'll probably be sketching in bed :D

-the yellow and red images were altered in photoshop for presentation.

Painty APPS 4 artist on the go->

Last night i stumbled on to some great sketch and paint Apps for Nintendo DSI, Nintendo DS, iPhone and iPod Touch.
they have been out for a while but i didn't know of them till now so for those late like me here you go.

DSI Only:: I downloaded Art Academy First Semester from the DSIware store, and its a pretty great program/game, more here :note: there is also Art Academy Second Semester. DSI

ok so moving on to the App for DS, iPhone and iPod Touch, If you want something a little more advanced to the photoshop feel
id go with this one, keep in mind the DS one is a homebrew APP so there will be alot of custom installation, all which can be found here, the iphone app you can download off the apps store duh.
DS and others