Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Modbook vs iPad

Modbook wins... Fatality!. iPad sucks in my opinion and thats final. People should stop complaining to apple and just get a Modbook, apparently Apple thinks the market isn't large enough to produce a Mac tablet. so....WTF?.... Axiotron picks up their slack, good for you Axiotron! the news is there will eventually be a 15" Macbook Pro Mod too, but you better start saving.
it will run you about 5g's but the 13" mod available now is a great deal more afordable, at $1,700 for the complete or about $700 to transform your current 13" into one.

I got to try one at a comiccon back in I think it was 2004 when it was first announce, and the response to pen was amazing. now its not a touchscreen let that be clear, so you don't have to worry about accidently pushing buttons and opening applications while your palm rests on the screen when drawing.

its good to see where tech is headed for these types of products so a bright future is at hand for us " i want everything in the grasp of my hand-artist on the go".

heres the link. AXIOTRON

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