Friday, September 17, 2010

Who wants to trade?

I still wanted to work some things out then I will caricature the figure.

Also I got my sketch cards ready Mooks, let me know.

So heres the Deal hopefully someone will roll with me on this, it works much like collecting cards when you were a kid (or like me you still buy baseball cards) except your trying to collect artist cards from around the globe! you can purchase these blank cards at your local art store or you may create your own using the specific trading card dimensions 2.5" x 3.5" .

1. create a card and and another artist creates a card. could be anything that you choose to draw (but it MUST be drawn)

2. trade cards with one another over postal mail (you must stick to the code and commit to trading and not screw anyone)

3. on back of card you must write down your name, (doesn't have to be your real name) the link to your website, state, country, card number, or email if you choose.

4. trade with various artists you meet from around the world and share photos of your awesome collection with people.

If you would like to trade with me let me know.


  1. I... my good sir, may have to join you on this. Seems like a pretty awesome idea to me!

  2. I say, I would like to get down with this!

  3. Errol: ThatGuy! hey man totally I would love to collect your soul, I mean your card.

    Nick: dude YOU are on!

  4. Hey dude! Great work you got going on!!!!

    Sorry I've been really slack in replying, in answer to your questions, yeah it'd be awesome to do a card trade with you!

    in answer to your other question regarding my busy, busy-ness, well I changed jobs a few months-ago to lead a CG kids animation cartoon show for the bbc, which is awesome but with it also comes a hefty commute everyday! It finishes soon so at least it's not forever :)

    I see you been busy too, awesome stuff man!!

  5. You want I should bring my selection on Friday, too, or do you want to be surprised via snail mail?